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Compensated Locking Nut Patents

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Patents For Sale or license:

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Gearmanndude rocks the Compensated Locking Nut!

"COMPENSATED locking nut reviewed on an Anderson Telecaster. If you listen to the open chords of the uncompensated you will hear an imbalance in string vibration and chord clarity. With the nut all strings will vibrate equally, thus providing compensation. This is an amazing concept and design. For over 30 years, people have struggled with the intonation issues of locking nuts and heavy hitting wang bars...these guys have cured it! The patented design keeps the usual tuning suspects in check, while maintaining sustain and a clear path to the tuning machines. The pitch shifting when switching between nuts, is my is not from the nut. Just had my tuner calibration switched and did not realize it until it came time to edit. Dig it!" - Gearmanndude

"I love the in-tune sound I get with a compensated nut. I'm so glad I'll be able to get that same intonation on my Floyd-equipped guitars."
- Alec Lee, Moderator from The Gear Page 


prototype a prototype b

Patent Portfolio relating to the locking compensated nut is for sale or available for licensing:

The three patent encompass claims covering various embodiments of the locking compensated nut itself and methods of making thereof; various stringed instruments with a locking compensated nut installed; and various methods of using the locking compensated nut on stringed instruments.  The patent claims are designed to cover a variety of potential infringers/competitors.


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